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  • 23 August 2017

    Six Game Studios from Poland will attend Fan EXPO, the largest gaming event in Canada, which every year attracts over 129 000 people from around the world. Between August 31st and September 3rd at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre Representatives of 11 Bit Studios, Fuero Games, The Moonwalls, Pigmentium Game Studio, Bloober Team, and Dev4Play will be promoting our Game Industry by presenting a new outstanding video games made in Poland.

    Currently Poland is one of the leaders in the world video game market. Polish video game industry consists of over two hundred and fifty game companies targeting various groups of customers. Many of their products have become bestsellers in the world.  The potential of Polish Game Industry has been recognized and supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. In cooperation  with Indie Games Polska, the rich and diversified Polish Game Industry is being promoted around the world.  This year, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto  invited Polish Video Games makers to present their work at the third largest event in North America.  At our “Games From Poland” booth you will meet representatives  of six creative studios from Poland.


    Bloober Team SA is an independent producer of video games, the games are known for their difficulty and challenging gameplay. The company was founded in 2008 by Peter Babieno and Peter Bielatowicz. The business began with contract work, however, after obtaining the necessary experience and gathering a talented team ‘Bloober Team’ began work on it’s own projects. The overall aim of the company is to create sophisticated, character driven titles with unique worlds, designed for the most demanding of customers.

    Bloober Team is the only independent games developer who has created games for the release of two Sony consoles - Playstation Vita and Playstation 4. The company's products are available worldwide via digital distribution and have gained a reputation as one of the most demanding games on the market. Bloober Team is currently working on completely new brands that will present not only the unique scenery and revolutionary gameplay mechanics, but also unique stories. The company is listed on the New Connect.


    Pigmentum Game Studio is a young game development company based in Poland. The company was launched this year. Their mission is to create games that could be named as art. They are currently working on Indygo -  a narrative 2D game that copes with the subject of depression. It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. One of the symptoms is proceeding isolation. Main character haven’t left his room for more than 3 months. The person who helps him live through this hard time is his girlfriend Anna. It became obvious for both of them, that this situation can’t last forever. The time has come to look for solution. It’s up to player to decide how the story will progress. Main topic of game is depression and isolation. They make an attempt to illustrate what people affected by disturbances of mood can experience. They want to counteract the stigmatisation of those people. During the game you will see the world through the eyes of the main character. Many puzzles await to be solved and letters to be read. Painter’s journal gives us a detailed information about his mental state and thoughts. Inquisitives will be able to find additional hints bonding story together.


    Fuero Games - an independent game development studio established in 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. The team consists more than 40 professionals coming from companies like CD Projekt RED, Gameloft, Electronic Arts, CI Games, Flying Wild Hog and Vivid Games.  They worked on AAA titles on all imaginable platforms and have earned the recognition of the players and critics all over the world. In 2015, in cooperation with the studio CD PROJEKT RED they released the game The Witcher Battle Arena under the license of the popular fantasy series The Witcher. Our title within 10 days of the premiere has been downloaded more than 1 000 000 times. Their  hard work earned us the recognition of Apple who decided to highlight Fuero Games during the iPhone 6 Keynote in San Francisco. We have been places in the prestigious group of the largest video game developers in the world. They also created the game Lewandowski: Football Star which is licensed and supported by Robert Lewandowski and the strategy game Age of Cavemen. Currently they are in Soft Launch with our flagship mobile game "Winions: Mana Champions" in collaboration with NEXON.


    The Moonwalls -  a jack of all trades, a one-man game development studio, the author of Bohemian Killing. Marcin Makaj has a master's degrees in economics and in laws, with serious plans to embark on a prosecutor's career. His legal interests include broadly understood penal law, criminal investigation, and forensic medicine. Marcin has completed many expert training courses, including among others concerning interrogation methods, criminal profiling, and modus operandi.

    His personal interests include adventure games, especially such as Phoenix Wright, RPG, particularly those set in the Shadowrun universum, and books by John Grisham and Jürgen Thorwald. One of few people who have watched all episodes of Sedzia Anna Maria Wesolowska, a very popular TV court show in Poland.  In addition to law and games, Marcin is very much into travelling and good food.


    Dev4Play A modest group of amateurs who want to fulfill their dreams. Most of us first met programming. We split into small groups and begin to create. As you know, learning and having fun is the most beautiful thing. Because the programming of games is fun. Professional Offroad Transport Simulator is a game which combines heavy cargo with the offroad environment. Use heavy, old trucks to transport the chosen materials to the collection point. Expand your collection by purchasing new heavy machines or excavators, which will help you to carry the goods to your destination. There are many obstacles waiting for you on the narrow roads. Remember to buy a winch – without it you can get stuck somewhere! Load the vehicle with the cargo of your choice (wood, stones, water, barrels, planks, gravel, palettes with different items). For each delivery, you will earn money. Buy new powerful vehicles or upgrade existing ones. You will have a chance to explore the two maps and choose the vehicle of your liking: an offroad car with a winch, truck with a wood trailer and fuel tank, a 6×6 offroad car with the stronger winch or a truck with a double trailer. The game will include a freeride mode with the possibility of saving the progress of the player. There will be regular updates with new vehicles and extension packs.


    11 bit Studios

    It all started in 2009, when a bunch of veterans of polish gaming industry joined their forces and founded 11 bit studios. They gathered few talented people and got to work. After a year our first child was born – Anomaly Warzone Earth hit the stores. Quickly it became a huge success, with great sales and number of industry awards, including Apple Design Awards.

    It was a proof that we were on the right track and in the next few years we repeated the success with Anomaly 2, Anomaly Korea and few other games. But you know what they say – the more you have, the more you want so in 2012 we decided it was time for something bigger. For the next two years we worked on our upcoming title. Bigger and better than ever before, but what’s even more important – a game that had a potential to touch people. A game that could matter. Something, that hasn’t been done before. A thing to be played and discussed for years to come. In the end of 2014 we were ready and our greatest achievement to this day had it’s premiere. On 14th of November This War of Mine had its release and everything had changed.

    The cost of development were covered in first weekend after the premiere, and since then the game keeps being one of the topsellers on Steam and other distribution platforms. The game got over 100 awards and was covered as a phenomenon in the biggest magazines and newspapers all around the world including TIME, EDGE, Washington Post and more. This brings us to the place where we are today. This War of Mine is still selling really well, being one of the most successful indie titles of the last decade. Our next big game, Frostpunk, is right around the corner and you know what? Again our guts are telling us it will leave a mark. We are crossing the borders and redefining the rules of the genre and that’s the road we want to follow. We believe in creating things instead of just copying them. Soon you’ll tell us if we achieved what we hoped for. In the meantime we are not slacking around – we started a publishing program that allows developers from all around the world to release their indie games with our help. The first games are already out there, so you should check them out.
















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